Refund Policy

First of all, we would like to thank you for your interest in purchasing from us that’s why we will make sure to let you know about our refund policy as mentioned below

After Activation, We don’t offer any refund or perform any modifications.
In Fact, at Buyiptv-Online we are only responsible for activating the subscription for the agreed on period.

Moreover, We will send you a screenshot taking from our panel to your email.

Certainly, this is a proof that your subscription is activated for the same period period you purchased.

We activate and send the IPTV Subscriptions and IPTV Reseller Panels within 24 hours after placing the order.

Kindly make sure of Providing us with your device type on which you are going to use your IPTV Subscription.

In case of not receiving the device information in the order notes, we will activate and send m3u list.

Surely, will will not be able to change to m3u list to any other format moving forward.

Nevertheless, here on Buyiptv-Online we don’t have any control over the content provided or any of its related issues due to the nature of IPTV

Lastly, please feel free to contact us for any inquiries related to our refund policy.

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Great service!!! fast communication!!! highly recommended!! A++++++++ !! Fast shipping
Adnan el
Adnan el@Adnan_el
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I am 100% sure that provides the best service and the best IPTV for Sweden, Thank you so Much
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I used to buy IPTV Subscriptions from Ebay for very cheap prices but after less than 3 months the sellers disappear and the subscription stops working, i tried who claim to be the best IPTV Service providers and in fact they Indeed are the best !
Jessica Warde
Jessica Warde@Jessica_Warde
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Outstanding Subscription, super fast shipping and great communication
Simon Wiggy
Simon Wiggy@Simon_Wiggy
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Very professional service, All Recommendations
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Thank you for your great service, definitely it’s the best IPTV for Romania, i will recommend you to all my friends and family
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The Best Arabic IPTV Subscription, Excellent Customer Service
Mark Stephen
Mark Stephen@Mark.Stephen
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Well, i have tried many IPTV Providers who claimed to be offering great subscriptions but this wasn’t true, i thought i will have the same experience with buyiptv-online but it turned out not to be true, buyiptv-online provides the best IPTV Subscriptions with very reasonable price, i will keep buying from
Anas elhor
Anas elhor@anaslhore
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Good service!! Easy to use with smart iptv app, good quality.

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